Guaranteed to cause a stir: the Austrian Alps

A significant impact: the natural surroundings of the Austrian Alps

The mountainscape in the Alps: Beauty, charm and passion

A refuge for numerous animals and plants, and an activity and nature paradise for people who are looking for something special. Dream landscapes, pervaded by the ancient breath of the history of the earth. The green of the Alpine meadows and forests, the grey-brown and ruggedness of the towering stone walls. The glistening and glittering of the eternal ice of the glacier on the highest Alpine summits. In the valleys, the central position, and on the Alpine meadows you will discover a landscape for relaxation and for a holiday which is beyond compare.  Today this landscape lets guests from the world over enjoy tranquillity and seclusion, or sporting activities – whatever it is they want - and also to experience the authentic, traditional life in the villages.

AlpenParks Hotels& Residences: giving you the Alps

AlpenParks Hotels & Residences are only set up in the most beautiful places in the middle of the Austrian Alps. Whether it’s in traditional rural style, with lots of wood, or in the sophisticated world of the famous holiday resorts, the hotels & residences are one-of-a-kind for your holiday. Preserving values and protecting the natural surroundings is a part of the business philosophy of AlpenParks.

Today the Alps have a modern and active side: enjoy the numerous sports and leisure opportunities which the AlpenParks Hotels & Residences offer you. Discover their passion for the mountains, succumb to the fascination of the Alps and enjoy the friendliness of its people, the safety of the holiday resort of Austria and holidays which are magical and beyond comparison.

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Here you can find the completed AlpenParks holiday properties in Austria.